Entry 1 – Craving for a Uke

First of all, I would like to welcome you in my life. Just a precaution. I can go from sad to happy real quick so prepare for a lot of mood swings if you still want to read this little blog of mine. I can’t write all the time but I will write often since that’s how I express this bottled-up feelings of mine and I’m just simply loquacious in the internet.

Oh wait, I just thought that this would be embarrassing if no one actually read this!


As if I haven’t done so many embarrassing things pfft.

Okay sooo, since February started, I have been saving up for a new phone. My current phone’s camera got broken and I am fond of taking photos so this predicament has been causing me little problems. I can’t easily take a picture of my teacher’s notes and handouts and I can’t update my Instagram, which is the app I know I’ll forever be obsess. (Allow me to advertise my instagram account here. Follow me @http.gewww. lmao) So I am close to my target savings when suddenly, I wanted to buy a ukulele so baaaadly it hurts.


I am watching youtube tutorials and even practicing the strum pattern in the freaking air. As of now, I’m researching for ukuleles for beginners since my place is famous for handmade stringed instruments. And at the same time, canvassing prices for the phone. I’m digging my own grave since I can only buy one out of those two and yet I’m still researching both. It would be nice if both phone and uke will have a sudden price drop as a summer promo. *fingers freaking-cross* I’ll just see where this will take me.


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