Entry # 2: Short Horror Story: Thesis


It’s me.

I was wondering if after all these months you’d like to read.

To go over errrrrm, my blog?

Okay, that sucked. My life sucked. But I don’t suck.



So these past few weeks or probably months, I’ve been very busy even though it’s only the start of the first semester on my last year in college (fingers crossed). This semester doesn’t only have hard courses but also annoying ones like Business Research or the ever famous bastard, Thesis.

My team is composed of 6 members. Me, my two really close college buddies and three not-so-close college friends. You know, those block mates you never hang out with but still talk to each other? Or those who you always talk with but in times when you want to poop, you can never ask them to hand you wet wipes? That’s those 3. My team is nice since we have great ideas but that’s it. It’s annoying me that one of those three keeps on passing her assigned task to us when in the first place she told us that it’s her task. Kinda confusing, aye? What’s more annoying is the finding of companies or organizations that would like to cooperate with our research. We battle the scorching heat of the sun, walked the hot pavements and ignore the temptation of just going home. Then we enter the company.

“Excuse me, sir. We are students from xxx University. We would like to ask if it’s okay for you if we will conduct a thesis research about your company problems.”

“Sorry, we don’t allow that.”

THAT HURTS A LOT. They didn’t even listen to our full story. We went to like twenty organizations and only two said to pass a request letter. And those two still needs approval and our teacher is already demanding results and we still have to make our reports for another course and paperwork for another one.

Not my photo.

I got your back, Woody.

It won’t surprise me if, after this semester I wouldn’t know what it feels like to sleep. So far, this semester is the most stressful I ever had probably because of the pressure of not being able to graduate if we fail our thesis.

I really hope that my team will work it out and learn how to work together. Saying that teamwork is important will be really cliche but I really believe that that is what we badly need. Not the “I’m done, I’m not helping you” shit. I swear if I hear someone saying that, I’m kicking them out in the team even though I don’t have that authority. I’ll think about how I’ll do that when someone actually does that.

My rant is done. If you have suggestions or pieces of advice for our thesis, feel free to comment down. I really need that and will be overly happy to read them.

Thanks for reading. All the love.


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